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Think of Southend and you think of…. the world’s longest pier!
But there is much more to the town than just it’s famous pier.

Take seven miles of award winning beaches, (Southend is actually not a seaside resort as such – it’s situated on the Thames Estuary). You will also find museums, art galleries and parks and we must not forget the annual Air Show which takes place along the promenade on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

But what of that famous pier? Built in 1830, the Pier has survived economic changes and differeing leisure demands to still be a popular attraction (300,000 people visit it each year). Not only has it survived economic changes but also physical attacks too, having been the victim of two fires, boat crashes, two world wars and the effects of the weather. The most recent fire was on 9th October, 2005, the pier once more has risen from the flames and is again living up to it’s claim of being the longest pleasure pier in the world with its 1.34 miles (2158 metres or 2360 yards). Walk it or take the mini railway, but definitely don’t miss it!

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